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Unique, handmade gift wrapping ideas: 8 eco-friendly, creative easy ways to wrap

Unique, handmade, gift wrapping ideas that are also creative and eco-friendly, for you to use as alternatives to bought wrapping paper which is difficult to recycle in the UK. Stylish, fun and sustainable DIY ways to wrap your gifts for family and friends. #sustainable #eco #friendly #DIY #Christmas #gift #wrapping #wrap #ideas Read more at

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Wondering how to dress your age (or not!)? British knitwear designer Susan Holton shares some thoughts...

‘Women are tired of being told to shrink and conform or "normalise" themselves once they hit 40’. We should all have fun with our clothing choices irrespective of age. But if flamboyant isn't for you, that's fine too. I don't advocate less is more because of your age, only if it is your choice. So here’s my guide to how to dress your age (or not!) and always feel fabulous. #howto #dressyourage #women #knitwear

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How to choose and buy knitwear (online) which will actually fit you

Buying online gives you access to all the knitwear in the world from your keyboard, in every size and colour. But you can't try it on before you buy, so it's especially important to know your real measurements. So here is how to measure, choose and buy the right size clothes when you are shopping online. So you get the right size. First time. #measuring #sizing

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