Contemporary knitwear inspired by vintage fashion from the 1920s


Inspiration for contemporary knitwear from vintage fashion

I do a lot of picture research while I’m planning my knitwear designs for later in the year. Currently I’m inspired by folds, pleats and geometrics, and there is a lot of inspiration to be found on Pinterest. You can see one of my Pinterest boards below.

Knitwear and fashion from the 1920s

In my research into vintage fashion and vintage garments, I've been struck by how remarkably modern many of them are. Photographed on today's models with modern hair, make up and styling, many of them would easily pass for contemporary pieces.



Inspiration and Places to visit

A visit to the V&A* Museum in London is a must if you can possibly manage it. The V&A has a justifiably world-famous collection of garments and accessories through the ages, many of which are on permanent display.

*Victoria and Albert Museum


If you haven't yet discovered Pinterest, it's well worth a visit. I find it a great source of apparently never-ending inspiration for my knitwear, as well crafts, interior decor, travel, photography and much more.

Check out my Pinterest boards and let me know what you think?