Fashion and Textile Museum Exhibition: Knitwear from Chanel to Westwood


Knitwear at London's Fashion and Textile Museum

As a knitwear designer, I knew as soon as I heard about this exhibition that it would be top of my list to visit... and it didn't disappoint!

Knitwear from Chanel to Westwood

Knitwear from Chanel to Westwood is an inspirational exhibition, which features fashion knitwear from the 20th century. I knew quite a bit about the history of knitwear before I went along, and I was with friends who knew nothing about the subject: we all found it fascinating. You'll find a wide selection of pieces, beautifully curated into helpful sections.

Highlights include Chanel, Bill Gibb and Missoni...

Highlights for me included Chanel jersey from the 1920's; 1930's woollen swimwear; Bill Gibb pieces from the 1970's; Fair Isle knitwear; a wartime 'make do and mend' section. The exhibition brings knitwear right up to date with new knitwear technology and design innovation. My personal favourite is the striped Missoni fringed vest which I've always loved, and which was lovely to see in person.

The exhibition runs to 18 January 2015 - well worth a visit. It's worth noting that the Museum's bookshop is excellent for expert and non-expert alike, and there's a cafe on site.

Many thanks to the Fashion and Textile Museum for the photographs above
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