Christmas Contemporary Craft and Design Fair at RHS Gardens Wisley, Surrey


Christmas Contemporary Craft and Design Fair at Wisley

Part one

My knitwear could be seen and bought for 6 days last week (25-30/11/14) at the fabulous Christmas Contemporary Craft and Design Fair at RHS Gardens at Wisley in Surrey. I've taken part in this top quality event (organised by Craft In Focus) for a number of years.


I'm lucky that my lovely customers come back again and again to buy my knitwear for themselves and for friends and family. 

I make sure that I always have new knitwear designs at every show, as well as those which have become enduring classics.

A busy and successful event

Amongst others, my new 'knitted cotton/linen swing wrap jackets' (which are now available on my website) were popular, as were my new style wrist warmers (not yet on my web site).

I'm often asked what's involved in creating my stand for shows and fairs. I'm usually too busy and focussed on setting up to remember to take pictures, but this time I managed to take a few. As you can see we start with an empty space - I set up from scratch each time, using display panels which I bring with me, and various shop fittings which are really designed for displaying garments in shops.

Setting up to display my beautiful knitwear at Wisley

As you can see, a huge amount of work is involved in setting up for these events.

My second blog post about the show at Wisley will follow shortly. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on any aspect of my work and events.

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