Size guide


To order the right size you need to know your correct, up to date, measurements

We all have an idea of our size - usually based on where we buy our clothes. But a UK size 14 (for example) in one shop will be different from a UK size 14 in another. To order the correct size you need to know your correct, up to date, measurements.

Ask a friend to help you measure

For greatest accuracy it's best to ask a friend to measure you, ideally when you are wearing your usual underwear, and compare the result against the table below. 


My knitwear is pre-washed and won’t shrink or stretch with normal treatment. The fit of garments of the same size will vary depending on the style as they will have more or less ‘ease’, but they will fit the size indicated. 

I offer my knitwear in a range of sizes. As a general rule I keep only a small amount of stock in medium and medium plus sizes for most of my designs - you will find stock information on each product page. The stock size range is greater for some styles than others, and you'll find full details on the individual product pages for that also. I can knit much of my knitwear to order in custom sizes so please get in touch if you'd like this service.

Susan Holton Knitwear size guide for buying from this web site

Advice on choosing your size

If you have any questions on choosing your size, or if you would like to discuss a custom size or colour, you are welcome to email or telephone me to discuss your order. I produce most orders 'on demand'; I can often knit your size even if it is outside our usual range.

You may also find it helpful to refer to my blog post on getting the right size knitwear online.