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I've collected some of your comments here on this page to make it easy for you to see them as a group. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to know more. If you click on the photographs below it will take you to the page for the garment on which the review was left, in each case. Some product pages have a number of reviews.

I love love love my swing jacket. I’ve got the black sleeved one. It is perfect - a beautiful fit, fabulous yarn, goes with everything and looks just great.
Ruth Nicholson
Love the green open fronted tunic my husband bought me for my forthcoming birthday - can’t wait to wear it!
Ruth Nicholson
I love my big square. And so does everyone else, every time I wear it at least one person asks where to get one! I should carry a big stack of your business cards.....
Alison Rutherford

Ann Pillar

I now have 3 of these they proved so useful - even in the wild winds of the north of Scotland. They’re cosy and smart, fit in my pocket yet still come out looking good!
Sandra Cumming

Denise Silver

I bought an open front tunic/waistcoat and was a bit uncertain if I would wear it, but loved the look of it especially the flow and shape from the back, and I find I love it and wear it often! Really unusual, but hangs beautifully, travels well and just gives some pzazz over a normal jumper or shirt and jeans. May go back for another and be adventurous on the colour!
Tessa Knight

Irene Gray

Like the little hats which I love, these warmers have proved really effective - cosy wrists make all the difference!
Sandra Cumming